What Doesn't Kill You Might Just Cripple You

I’ve always been rubbed the wrong way when hearing “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” but never quite sure why. Maybe because it’s an absolute and those are virtually impossible to prove true. There are exceptions to most every rule.

Recently, it hit me. As I was navigating the single gal dating waters yet again and commiserating with others in pond, I found that many folks have a story to tell.

As they ramble on, yes ramble, a common theme emerged. After sharing a tale of woe playing the role of victim with their ex stepping in as the villain, the story concludes with why they’ll never find love. They make decisions about the lack of good candidates, the moral fiber of men or women and other epitaphs around trustability.

I think that it’s easier to end the story here. Hobbled by a poor decision.

The harder path is to ask what that experience taught you and what you need to do to learn the lessons from the experience. That’s the work that’ll “make you stronger”.

Set 'Em Up

If you decide to take on a new activity or project to create a better life, take a look at your thoughts. I used to always plan out my worse-case scenario outcome, thinking that if the actual results were better it would be a success that exceeded my expectations. Be careful. This could set you up to miss your mark.

The Places You Go

First time speaking to a new audience today: 

In front of young girls incarcerated in the Lake county juvenile detention center.

I was nervous about how it would go but as I wrote my talk I got energized. I could go deeper with these gals and it opened up a new possibility.....

It was a hit. I connected in a way I’ve never experienced and the Q & A afterwards blew me away! 

Don’t judge kids who’ve made decisions from the best places they knew .. just to survive their worlds.

We all have a story and deserve compassion.

The county asked me to come back when they get new gals admitted and I was humbled & flattered and answered “Absolutely!” without skipping a beat. 

I’ve been aware and grateful lately of what I get back when I show up to give.

One More Time

Do you want to start a new practice or habit to improve your life but you can’t get going? It’s common to fall into a rut between your own two ears that’ll stop you from taking the first step. Here’s some guidance to shift that thinking.