keynote Endorsements

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On behalf of Nurse-Family Partnership of Lake County, I would like to send our deepest appreciation and highest applause for the wonderful two part workshop you offered to our clients. We were all completely moved by the stories and advice you shared with our clients, staff, and community partners. The valuable tools that you taught us will definitely get passed on to our clients. We will even be able to use the knowledge in our personal lives as well.
— Velma Sellars, Nurse Guide & Community Resource Development, Nurse-Family Partnership
— Christine Banter, AVP Sales Executive, Fidelity National Title
Keep up the wonderful work that you are doing in your own life and helping others to do in theirs! I love watching your videos and you pegged me on this one.
— Debbie Jesuthasan, Artist
Loved your personal stories of triumph!
— Diane Archer, Realtor
How authentic and strong you are is truly inspirational.
— Cora Blackmon, Graduate Student
I was taken by your humanity and humility and willingness to show them both.
— Laura Williamson, HR Manager